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Working with us gives you access to the UK’s largest key decision maker database within the Public Sector, including data lists within the NHS, local authorities and central government.

Built from the ground up, by hand-researching accurate decision-maker data, our Ingenium database ensures that we deliver outstanding results from our managed e-communications through accurate data marketing.

Ingenium is a Media & Marketing Solutions product. We focus on lead generation at the top of the funnel, identifying and qualifying suspects that can be further nurtured into prospects. We offer a range of push-based marketing solutions, designed to drive engagement from buyers and stakeholders across the Public Sector. These managed solutions range from data audits, managed email campaigns, public sector market research and webinars; providing you with both B2B and B2G marketing solutions.

Ultimately we want to help you turn suspects into sales within the public sector through tailored marketing solutions powered by accurate data.

We offer a complete marketing experience, providing both accurate and comprehensive data for contacting the Public Sector, and a suite of managed digital marketing solutions.

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Get the inside track on the Public Sector

To see how Media & Marketing Solutions can help you access Ingenium, get in touch today on 0845 094 8567, or submit your enquiry on our contact form.

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How We Work

Our process is all about the intelligent and applied use of our data. We’ll work in tandem with you every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of our data, and to create Public Sector marketing campaigns that make a real difference and bring a true return on your investment.

To learn more visit our Solutions page, or read our case studies.


Our purpose-built UK Public Sector database allows us to identify the people most likely to respond to your campaigns.


Our Content team use their expertise to tailor your content to say all the right things in the best way to the right people.


Our focus is always on delivering measurable and tangible results, regardless of which of our solutions is used.


We listen to your challenges and will reflect on the campaign results with you, to deliver the best possible return on investment.

BiP Solutions

Ingenium is a Media & Marketing Solutions community. Media & Marketing Solutions is a division of BiP Solutions.

BiP Solutions started life as Business Information Publications and was established by Ron Burges in 1984 to help connect the public and private sectors. What began with the printing of contracts information has grown. We’re now the leading provider of procurement support and intelligence, but we’re still a family company, with Ron’s son Simon Burges now CEO of the BiP Group.

BiP has experienced huge organic growth over its 30-plus year history. Although our product set has transformed into the most comprehensive range of modern online tools, consultancy and events in the market, the idea that started it all in a Glasgow portable cabin hasn’t changed: to drive efficiencies in Public Sector procurement and create mutually beneficial opportunities for businesses and governments to work together.

Our skills span the full breadth of the procurement industry, including:

  • Cyber Essentials
  • Business Intelligence and eSourcing
  • Media & Marketing Solutions
  • Conferences and Exhibitions
  • UK & International Consultancy




Media & Marketing Solutions

We drive engagement and interaction with key stakeholders across the Public and Private Sectors. Offering a broad range of managed and measurable solutions, we support businesses that are looking for actionable outcomes from their marketing investments.

Our portfolio of digital services is designed to drive inbound enquiries, create content and raise awareness. While we’re proud of the insight we’ll give you, we don’t hand it over and walk away. Everything we do is designed to work in tandem with your business. We’re open, collaborative and knowledgeable. The Media and Marketing Solutions division of BiP Solutions is divided into two departments, Market Engagement and Media.