Ingenium boosts universities’ September

University lecture hall

Following our long history of working with universities, this week has seen campaigns continue with two leading UK universities to promote specialised courses aimed at particular audiences. Both universities have worked with Ingenium on previous occasions, and continue to collaborate with us to promote executive learning qualifications and degree apprenticeships, respectively. Working with the UK’s largest Public Sector contact community allows these universities – just like the many others we’ve worked with – to reach out to the right audience. Our reliable data means that these universities can know that they’re targeting the audience who will be most likely to engage with their courses. Not only does Ingenium contain information on job titles and job functions for all contacts, we also hold information on qualifications for many contacts too, meaning we won’t be writing to people who already hold the qualification the university seeks to promote.

For more information on targeting public sector decision makers, get in touch with the Ingenium team to book a demo, access our data and reach the right people.