Updates: The Year in Data

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look back over 2018 and see what successes the year has held, and how challenges can be worked on for 2019.

The Ingenium data community has seen over 71,000 changes during 2018. This means that there are over 71,000 edits made to information including new contacts, changing job titles or roles, organisations’ addresses changing, or even entirely new Public Sector organisations being added to our data community.

If you work with the Public Sector and your data isn’t up-to-date, you won’t be able to contact the right people in the right role to ensure that you’re able to do business. Updates to Ingenium in 2018 include:
• Over 28,200 new decision-making contacts added, including 6,770 in Central Government, 8,180 in Local Government, 1,430 in the NHS and 7,280 throughout the Education sector
• Over 11,600 contacts removed from our database, due to no longer being in their roles or having moved to different organisations
147 entirely new Public Sector organisations being added to our data – and 131 organisations being removed due to no longer existing
• Over 11,600 edits made to our Local and Central Government data, including all relevant NDPBs – including 1,426 changes to job titles, 2,164 changes to job functions and 7,207 changes to contact email addresses
2,273 changes to our data for the NHS and wider Healthcare sector – including 753 updated contact emails
1,925 edits to information about schools, ranging from address changes, merges and name changes, to the upper and lower ages the school caters for

Is your organisation aware of how dynamic the Public Sector has been this year? Are you able to ensure you’re doing business with the right people – or that your messages are even getting through? Are you contacting people who’ve left their roles, or even organisations that no longer exist or have moved address or email domain?

To find out how Ingenium can help you work smarter in 2019 and do business with the Public Sector as effectively as possible, give us a call on 0845 557 1324 or fill in our enquiry form.