What is Early Engagement?

Public Sector business can be extremely competitive, with taking part in the tendering process often being the only way to get a seat at the table. However, public procurement can be incredibly complex, and without a full understanding of the rules and regulations, it can seem difficult to be able to enter the competition to win public sector business.

One way to get ahead of the competition is through early engagement – talking to buyers ahead of the procurement process, during the scoping and preparation phase.

By making contact with public sector buyers earlier, you stand to position yourself as an influencer and thought leader, instead of just another commercial supplier. Once you’ve developed a relationship with a buyer, there’s even the possibility of shaping the procurement requirement.

How can Ingenium help?

By leveraging Ingenium’s data and our range of managed digital marketing solutions, you can begin conversations with key public sector decision makers earlier. Using engaging content to build credibility and authority within your customer base, we can help you start to position your brand as an industry expert. Above all, we put you in touch with the right people – meaning you can get a competitive edge over suppliers who aren’t having the same conversations.

Advantages of Early Engagement

Build relationships with decision-makers and influencers in the buying organisation

Discover areas where your own solution could make a real impact and add value

Shape the buying organisation request by using your own industry experience and knowledge

Play an active role in any market research or testing discussions with industry

Increase the chances of being shortlisted

Become seen as a strategic partner rather than a commercial supplier


Get the inside track on the Public Sector

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