Updates: NDPBs and Government

The last week has seen just over 1,800 edits to our Ingenium data community, with areas updated ranging from Policing, the NHS, Housing Associations and Universities. Our major area of focus this week however has been Non-Departmental Government Bodies and various Central Government organisations. Non-Departmental Government Bodies, or NDPBs, include various types of organisation, ranging from non-ministerial government departments such as the Serious Fraud Office or Forestry Commission, to executive agencies such as the Met Office to public corporations such as the BBC.

In the last week we have made 988 edits to our data on NDPBs and Central Government. Updates include:

> 149 edits made to the Environment Agency, including adding 51 new contacts
> 235 edits to our data on staff contacts at the House of Commons and House of Lords, including 71 new contacts and 62 changes to job titles or job functions
> 73 edits to Homes England
> 72 new contacts added and 41 contacts updated at the Met Office
> Further changes to organisations ranging from National Museums Liverpool to the DVLA and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

To find out more about how Ingenium can help you get in touch with key decision-makers throughout Central Government and Non-Departmental Public Bodies, email [email protected] or give us a call on 0845 084 8567.

Updates: Central Government

The last week has seen hundreds of updates to the Ingenium community, with a special focus this week on Central Government and Non-Departmental Public Bodies. We’ve made over 680 edits to these areas of our community in the last seven days alone. Contact details updated include:

> 101 new contacts added to Citizens’ Advice Bureau
> 24 new contacts added to the Animal and Plant Health Agency
> 39 edits to a local rehabilitation company
> 20 new contacts added to the Cabinet Office
> 2 changes to major job titles in the Crown Commercial Service, as well as 78 new contacts added
> 5 outdated key contacts at Companies House removed, along with 9 new contacts added

To find out more about how Ingenium can help you contact key decision makers in Central Government, including all major NDPBs, get in touch by emailing [email protected]

For more information on targeting public sector decision makers, get in touch with the Ingenium team to book a demo, access our data and reach the right people.